About us

    The challenge
    Many job seekers can face challenges to landing an interview and gaining employment. In many instances, this can actually be attributed to an inadequate résumé and cover letter, and not to their experience, skills or motivation. 

    Employment support services are powerful mechanisms to help job seekers address these challenges and gain meaningful employment. However, job seekers from underrepresented backgrounds can sometimes miss out on this support because:

    • Employment support services within schools, communities and NFPs can sometimes be sporadic, face very high service demand and/or face significant resource and geographic constraints;
    • Professional career services can charge very high fees and price out individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

    Our mission
    resumesupport.org aims to help improve the workforce participation rates of Australians from underrepresented backgrounds and complement the current not-for-profit employment support ecosystem. 

    We exist as an online resource that schools, communities and other NFPs can draw on to help job seekers from underrepresented backgrounds access tailored support on their résumé and cover letter. The people we support include:

    • Students at risk and/or from underrepresented high schools
    • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
    • People from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
    • People who live with a disability and/or mental illness
    • People who face temporary/persistent unemployment

    Our platform
    As a not-for-profit online platform, we can mobilise a dedicated team of volunteers to deliver services to the community cost-efficiently (regardless of geography). We take the following steps to achieve our mission:

    1. We connect with schools, community hubs and other social enterprises as an online resource. 
    2. Schools, community hubs and NFPs refer us to job seekers when their internal resources are stretched or when individuals require additional support.

    3. Our dedicated volunteers deliver résumé and cover letter support services online to individuals seeking support via resumesupport.org 

    If you have any questions, ideas or feedback about our work, please feel free to email us at volunteer(at)resumesupport.org.